Participate in a Genetics of Canine Hyper-Sociabilty Study
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Dear Devoted Dog Owner,

DDC Veterinary is excited about research being conducted on the Genetics of Canine Hyper-Sociability. The study is being performed by Dr. Bridgett M. vonHoldt, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, at Princeton University.

What is Canine Hyper-Sociability?

  • Genetic findings provide a possible story for how humans domesticated wolves into dogs, which is suggested to have been through “the survival of the friendliest."
  • The research group recently identified mutations in a handful of genes that influence how friendly a dog or wolf is towards humans.

For more information, visit the Canine Hyper-Sociability website.

Dr. vonHoldt is working to develop a successful genetic survey for these mutations from dogs' DNA samples. Her group needs samples from all types of dogs. If you choose to participate, Dr. vonHoldt will send you a short report describing the number and type of gene variants your dog carries. 

Want to join the study? Here's what you need to do:

  • Stage 1: Basic data collection Three forms: The consent form, demographic information and a short 42-question behavioral assessment of each individual dog. All forms can also be found on the project’s website.
  • Stage 2: Behavioral video data collection Two short behavioral tests you can conduct and record at home with your dog! Sociability test and Problem Solving test
  • Stage 3: Genetic sample donation Once all of the forms and video tests have been received by Dr. vonHoldt, she will send qualified participants the non-invasive cheek swab kit that can be collected at home, without the need for a vet visit. (Whole blood samples also accepted.)

Scan completed forms and name the file as "LastName_FirstName.pdf" Email the forms to Dr. vonHoldt at Put "WBS Participation" in the subject of the email, otherwise the email maybe discarded. Or mail the forms to: 

 Dr. Bridgett M. vonHoldt, Assistant Professor
 Princeton University, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
 106A Guyot Hall
 Princeton, NJ 08544
 Email:, Phone: 609-258-7021
Please note: All samples and information must be sent to Dr. vonHoldt at the address above. Go to the project website for details. Information needs to be received by June 30, 2018.
Please direct all questions regarding this study to Dr. vonHoldt and not to DDC.
Thank you for your time!
DDC Veterinary
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